SEO Projects - Capital Air Ambulance

Capital Air Ambulance

Capital Air Ambulance is a market leader and the UK’s largest and only fixed wing air ambulance operator.
The new website,, designed by the brilliant Z3 Design Agency in Birmingham, was launched earlier this year and has been well received. However, it now needs to be optimized and positioned to attract and maintain a wider, targeted, audience, increase brand awareness and quantifiably add to the bottom line.

The industry is dominated by medical assistance companies who usually work on behalf of insurance brokers and take a significant financial cut. Direct competitors amplify their own capabilities and resource and as such offset work to Capital Air Ambulance, again taking a financial cut.

We have been brought in to assist Capital Air Ambulance increase their market and search engine visibility and to be seen as the first port of call for direct contact medical repatriation to and from the UK.

The project will include all the factors to ensure that the website content and the SEO effort is consistent with the company message, targeted to the most valuable audiences from the UK and overseas and focused to meet the challenges of the online competition within the air ambulance industry and those that share common search terms.

We are also interrogating the user journeys, calls to action and technical elements of the website to fully exploit the potential the www has to offer.

We love to see our clients businesses grow as their search engine visibility increases. If you already have a great website but need a little help getting in front of your target audience here and overseas please contact us or call on 01803 762217