Attracting the most valuable kind of visitors to your website requires a good deal of planning and research work to establish what your target audience are actually searching for.


Once our research has reached a point where we can pin point your targets we then look at a detailed set of technical SEO checkpoints which will give the page the best chance to rank well.


Creating well crafted content to enhance the effectiveness of your website's pages in order to help it rank higher than content from other rival sites that target the same search terms.


Measuring and reporting your results is a critical component of any SEO campaign. We provide a monthly summary of traffic, site activity, keyword performance, target markets, user journey and conversions

SEO Services


ICE COMMS is highly experienced in forming, executing and managing SEO and SEM campaigns for local, national and international companies on existing websites or combining essential SEO disciplines at the content authorship and developmental stage of a new project.

We have worked with multi-location companies such as Wynne-Jones IP, Vicon, Rigby & Rigby, Tellermate and F4E-Fulfillment managing organic SEO in all geographical target locations including the USA, Australia, Singapore, China, India and throughout Europe.

In the UK we have managed organic SEO and SEM campaigns for household brands including Goodmans, Umberto Giannini, Grundig, Beaumont & Brown, Vevo Windows, Harrington Generators, Kinetik Wellbeing and Love My Skin.

Our experience in the field of localised organic SEO is broad with proven success with Devon based companies including Tanner Bates, Green Fuse, The Practice, Plan B Devon and The Karuna Institute.



It takes just a quarter of a second for Google to return a search query. It takes a well planned and executed SEO strategy to harness the benefits of what is now considered to be the most effective marketing tool in the world.

SEO Strategy


At an initial meeting, we will begin by asking the tried and tested questions we use to form our SEO strategy, form our keyword sets and understand your products, services and target audiences. These will aim to answer questions such as:

  • Who are the target markets?
  • What type of visitors do you want to attract to the website?
  • What messages do you want the site to convey?
  • What do you want the website to achieve?
  • With good planning and sound advice we can help you define your SEO objectives and expectations and GET NOTICED.

    Technical SEO


    The technical search engine optimisation (SEO) phase of a project ensures that your website is compatible with search engine guidelines, and can be indexed and ranked for the keyword searches we have already targeted.

    The best time to consider technical SEO is during a website's construction. If this doesn't happen that’s OK, we have created a great way of auditing and recommending fixes and technical updates that will bring the site up to date with Google’s regular algorithm changes.

    The technical foundation of your site is crucial for SEO and we take consider these factors (among others) to optimise each page.

  • Site mapping and architecture
  • Appropriate use of subdomains
  • URL formatting
  • Submission of sitemaps (including mobile and video)
  • Applying a 'robots' meta tag and using the robots.txt file
  • Site speed optimisation
  • Mobile rendering
  • Checking for duplicate content or cannibalization from or to other websites
  • Redirects
  • Html mark up including Open Graph - telling Facebook how your content should appear, Twitter Cards, language tags, meta titles, meta descriptions and header(h) tags
    SEO Content


    By creating new or adjusting your existing content to better incorporate your selected keywords we can increase the authority and relevance of your pages, gain addition external links and social media coverage which will improve their visibility and rankings in Google.

    The art of good SEO copywriting is to create relevant, interesting and purposeful content that's attractive to search engines and viewers alike. ICE COMMS work to a tried and tested matrix that will produce optimised page content with the best chance possible of climbing the organic search rankings and providing valuable and relevant traffic to your website.

    SEO Analytics


    Usually reporting is created using a combination of results from, your google analytics and any sales / leads information you are happy to share with us.

    Our monthly detailed reports will contain a keyword tracking and ranking report showing movement, visibility and landing page URLs, A monthly summary of traffic, site activity, localization, target markets, user journey and conversions (if you’re happy to share this?).
    We offer areas of improvement and strategic ideas to continue the site’s popularity and the overall marketing objectives.

    By continuely working on organic SEO we try to ensure that campaigns not only fulfill existing demand but can assist in creating additional demand.
    Potential clients are likely to search online for what they already know, so regular, new and relevant content is vital to achieve a bigger presence on Google and gain focused but wider catchment of valuable viewers. As part of the monthly activity we will assist in the creation of new pages (see Identifying and creating opportunities to grow above) This can be strategically brought together with other activities such as brand advertising and publicity to generate awareness and demand offline as well and on.

    SEO Portfolio

    See our SEO work